Monday, August 8, 2011

BWP(3): Step 2

Sometimes the hardest thing in genealogy is to clearly establish were your heading. Or at least, where you would like to be heading. Step 1 ask you to define the question you wish to answer...your brick wall. Now comes "Step 2".

Step 2 is to document and organize every fact that you have recorded regarding the person you wish to understand. You will often find that you have a tremendous amount of information, or on the other hand, a very small amount of information.

Step 2 is to help you clarify the documentation that you have collected. The pages outline a series of items important in your tree climbing. This will also help give you a list of "rocks" which can be turned over, or the names of some "closet doors" which could be opened.

Step 2 may take some time, but you have been butting your head against your brick wall for some time now, and a little help in resting your forehead is often helpful!

You may need to add additional items to your list. Let's get going.

Remember, Step 1 must be completed before Step 2.

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