Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Three "P's"

People, places, and purpose are items that I call my three "P's".  When all three come together at the same point [4th P...just couldn't resist...:-)] it will often provide the means to break down some of those brick walls.  For my own JONES family tree, this was 22 May 1650.  The following figure shows an example :

The surnames Williamson, Fauntleroy, Booth, Underwood, and Mosley are not what you would expect to be related to the surname JONES.  However, on 22 May 1650 a large group of folks arrived and patented land along the same river.  They also fled England together following the death of Charles I.  Evaluating this group under the "Three P's", the above was discovered.  One large family it was.  The Underwood group seem to have a lot of daughters who married a number of other surnames.  The red color shows the Underwood family, with the other colors connecting the various other surnames.  Understanding this cluster of related families proved to be a major pathway for connecting my own JONES family tree.