Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Two New Blogs

Brick walls come in all shapes and sizes as you climb out that family tree.  Those with a common surname like JONES will have all sorts.  Likewise, those who have a Welsh surname origin [like Jones] face another variety of brick walls once you reach a certain point in that tree climbing experience.  Two new blogs are being started with the purpose to provide a location to discuss all these themes and subject that might be of help.  One is titled: "Jones Surname Central".  The second is titled: "Welsh Surname Central".   Now I know that all tree climbers are not JONES or WELSH, but this combination offers many brick walls all their own.  The blog sites are :

       Jones Surname Central  at  tjgjscs.blogspot.com

       Welsh Surname Central  at tjgwsc.blogspot.com

If you share a few brick walls that need some thoughts, this may be the place to add your subject/topic at the comment section of each post [yet to come].  A place to share, discovery, and discuss these brick walls.