Friday, September 29, 2017

Heraldry Used In Tree Climbing (11)

There was a fair amount of research under the bridge before all this heraldry stuff could be sorted out.  Cadwallader Jones became the focus, and he ended up the bridge to that place across the great pond. [ This research can be found at which is still in progress!]  At any rate, the arms "Per bend sinister ermine and ermines, a lion rampant or a bordure engrailed of the last" became the direction of search into the great amount of literature pertaining to heraldry.  The following reference was one such item:

Whew, pretty heavy stuff I thought.  The father of Cadwallader was a Richard Jones described as "...of St. Clement, Eastcheap, but died in Virginia...".  This was of course located in London, and on page 140 of the above reference it stated :

 "Jones, Roger, als Jenkens, of London, descended from the house of Trevor in Wales : parti per bend sinister ermine and erminois, a lyon rampt. or, a crescent for diff. with 4 quarterings, 3 June, 9 Jac., 1611, by Segar...."

Wow...a Jones in London around the same time of Richard who carried the arms given for Cadwallader.   Could this be a connection?

On the same page of the reference, another Jones was listed:

"Jones, Edward, of Lansayre, Dyffryn Clwyd, co. Denbigh, confirmed by R. St. George, Norr.....(descended from the family of Trevor of C. in said co....Quarterly: 1 and 4, parted per bend sinister ermine and ermines and a lyon rampant within a bordure engrailded..."  Hum...from London to Wales it was.  House of Trevor it was...not knowing what this meant.   A place called Lansayre, Dyffryn Clwyd it was.  More branches to climb it was.