Monday, August 15, 2011

BWP(10): Time Analysis

A detailed chronology is often the key to busting through your brick wall. This section of the protocol starts you on your way. Please remember that it is best to start at the beginning of the protocol and complete Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Get those pencils going!

The type of graph paper will vary depending on the number of small squares per inch. You will need to adjust your yearly entry depending on the type of graph paper.

At this point, the most important aspect is the documentation that you have obtained doing your own tree climbing. Start with the most secure fact! This becomes your starting point in the notebook.

You will need to make your own scale of months, days, years. Use the back of each page for the additional information you will be obtaining.


  1. I am confused as to what to put in each little square that represents a date. Do I put in the date? Do I put in a reference number?

    Say I have a date for So and So's marriage (4 November 1849). I would go to the square that represents that date. It's too small to put much information in is.

  2. Hey Michelle, you put what is important to document. You can use the whole line (month) for the information if a date. You want to be able to see a "big picture" once you have placed all the factors surrounding the date, such as place, events surrounding the date, etc. The little squares are just to help the chronology to be carefully understood. You can even write information with the pages tilted to the side giving a margin to the pages.

  3. Thank you that helps.

    BTW I was able to get the exact graph paper you recommend at Staples. It's under the Staples brand name but it's the same paper.