Sunday, August 21, 2011

BWP(15) : Additional Helps

During the past year, a number of blogs have posts written by me, relating to topics intended to help the genealogist. These are scattered about, some dealing with concepts, some dealing with principles or methods, and some giving tools which might aid in your tree climbing. I will try and present these post in some order, so that the genealogist may find them and use them.

First, there are eight blogs that I have developed during the past year. Each approach genealogy from a different angle, and have a different theme. "The Jones Genealogist" tells my personal story from childhood, when I started doing genealogy at age nine! "The Jones Surname" approaches genealogy from a specific, difficult surname like JONES. A third blog called 'Welsh Genealogy" approaches from a historical perspective, placing the JONES surname in its context. A forth blog, called "The Jones Surname DNA", describes DNA written from the ground up, to help the genealogist understand this difficult topic. [I use my own DNA as an example.] A final set of blogs called Ge-ne-al-0-gy 101, 201, and 301 are written to help those who are just beginning to get an interest in genealogy, and need help getting started. [They also give a method called the "geneogram" which is a way of recording your family outside the box.]

The next series of post will list these helps as they seem to make sense in relationship to "The Brick Wall Protocol". I will give them as "Additional Helps" and will try to list the blog, title, date of post, and some description of the content. The "official" blog listings are: [started July 2010] [started July 2010] [started September 2010] [started December 2010] [started August 2010] [started August 2010] [started September 2010] [started August 2011]

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  1. My husbands surname is English. Imagine searching that out. Not only do you get the surname but you get every reference to the English language too.