Monday, August 22, 2011

BWP(16): Working Example

Michelle Goodrum asked a good question regarding how to use the graph paper small squares. I thought it might be helpful to show a working sheet that demonstrates how I used the process.

The year is 1682. Months are listed on the left side with numbers. From top to bottom, each 5 squares represent the month numbered giving space to write your information. I placed names, dates, references, and all sorts of things to help me outline the year 1682. I have also written in the margin to the right. Hope this is helpful.

You will need to develop your own style and process, but it is important to keep the "process" the same for each page.

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  1. Thank you again. This helps even more. I have a great deal of info, for certain time periods, on the person I am planning on using this methodology for. This helps me to begin to visualize how to approach the individual pieces of information.