Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BWP(12) : Point of Reference

Many factors impact our lives. What makes us do what we do and why? What forces affected the lives of those who lived before us? These, and other issues like these, become a point of reference for our tree climbing.

Let's begin!

These references I have used over the many years. You might want to comment on references that you have found most helpful.

Staples to the rescue! Mead's Neatbook seems to be available on line, but you can use any form of graph paper. Over more than 50 years of tree climbing I have used many, many, different types of paper!

Remember this was written just as the Internet was getting started. I still feel that every item determined as a family "story" needs to be verified. Documentation is fundamental to genealogy.


  1. This helped me to realize I was missing an important ingredient - putting my ancestors in historical context. I'm sharing your link in my blog. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Hey Rhonda, your welcome a bunch. So glad to see that my work as helped a fellow time traveler. You might enjoy:

    Thanks for your post on your blog. It helped make my day :).