Friday, August 3, 2012

Recognizing Resources

Tree climbing will often take you in many directions.  Out this branch...out that branch...and sometimes falling out of the tree.  Getting up and starting again can be a challenge.  Recognizing resources can be a help when a few of the branches seem impossible.

These resources may come from a variety of locations.  People, places, and things, may be some of them.  A library, a court house, a book store, or any number of things may help.  For me, a University Library was always most helpful.  Special collections, reference rooms, archives, etc...etc... may open many doors.  Every state has at least one university library ready to help. [Parking always seems to be a problem!]

What have been your resources?  Please post a comment to help share your own experiences.  Falling out of long as you haven't broken anything...dust yourself off and look for some resources.

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