Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Delight To The Eyes

Since the snake offered Eve the apple, " was a delight to the eyes...", there have been those who wanted to sell you something.  Just what would it take to get you to get on a small boat, cross an unknown sea,  and come to this Nova Britannia?

The above flyer is such an offer.  It is "Offering Most Excellent fruites". [Seems like I've heard that before.]
All you have to do is get on this small boat and plant your life in Virginia.  It goes on to say, "Exciting all fuch as be well affected to further the fame."

It was printed in London, in a shop near St. Pauls Church which was the center of the printing business 1609.  Just stop by my shop [Samuel Machan] at the sign of the "Bul-head".   An apple from the bull, an interesting combination.  This sailing ship would certainly be a delight to the eyes...say the spin doctors of the day.

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