Tuesday, May 22, 2012

That "thing-a-ma-jig"

We all have one.  Those "what you ma-call its" that help us get through our days.  Those things that you never really got around to get the "official" name or title, but it comes in handy when you need them.  For me doing genealogy, the picture shown is one.  I have used it for years when those "squares and circles" need to be drawn, or those maps need to be drawn, or those straight lines need a little help, or when... on and on it goes.  You can use it for all kinds of stuff.

I still don't know what it is officially called.  It has "professional SKETCH MASTER template" in small print on the surface.  "STAEDTLER" is written in caps surrounded by black highlight.  A variety of scales and sizes are given.  A inch ruler and a metric ruler are in place.  I believe I got this in my college days at our university book store, but I don't really remember.  Does anyone know if you can still find them?  Please post.

Anyway, this is an example of one tool that I have used over the years...that thing-a-ma-jig!


  1. The "thing-a-ma-jig" is available online through Office Depot for about $5. I just typed Staedtler Sketchmaster template into Google.

  2. Most office and art supply stores still carry them. You can even pick them up at yard sales, too!

  3. Probably originally designed for making flow charts. I have one but it is for doing landscape design and has different tree shapes, shrubs etc.

    1. Ah yes...family trees are just flow charts with leaves!