Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Name That Topic

The Brick Wall Protocol has been written to try and help those genealogist who are stuck before one of those road blocks.  Sooner or later it will happen if you climb trees long enough.  I thought it might be helpful to give those who have been reading these post a place to share a topic that is important to them.  This may be a question, a document, a resource, an archive, etc. that has been helpful or useful in their own tree climbing.  There may be a method or technique that has been helpful.  It just may be a question about the brick wall you are now facing.

If any reader has a topic or question that has been important to them, please place in the comment section of this post.  Perhaps this may then begin a conversation among us, we might call the demolition derby. Any drivers out there?


  1. Long-distance genealogy. That's a burr under my saddle. I currently live in southwestern Ohio, but my family research needs to be done in Pennsylvania, California, Italy, Germany, Michigan, Massachusetts, Canada and a host of other places that aren't nearby.
    While I treasure online resources, sometimes I just need to see an original document and not just a transcription or extraction.
    My genealogy budget is tighter than ever, so I can't afford to hire someone or send off an application with a check each time I need a real document.
    Does anyone else get frustrated by this situation?

  2. Ah yes...nothing like the touch and smell of a 200 year old book!

    Over the years I have used the method I call "pin the tail on the map". I locate geographically the places I would like to visit. I start with the closest one [perhaps Pennsylvania for you ] and try and plan a day or weekend trip. I try and call ahead to the local genealogical society (or group, or local public library ) and ask about the resources. Often folks are interested in helping! You may even find a lost "cousin" to help.