Saturday, September 24, 2011

BWP(33): Using History

Time changes things. Well not really time, but as time passes, things that seem familiar often change to mean different things. Taking time to try and understand these changes will often make a difference in many brick wall solutions. For instance, early settlers to Kentucky had land grants given for military service. [Mostly called "Military Warrants".] When finding these ancestors, knowing the amount of land that was granted will help determine their rank. Knowing how much land was granted will often help separate individuals who share a common name. [Like John Jones!] Virginia was responsible for using [what was to become Kentucky] land unoccupied to pay it solders. A post called :

"Land By Rank- Virginia Land Laws 1763" gives the ranks by which the amount of land was determined. See:

Perhaps this will help someone else to go around their brick wall.

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