Thursday, September 1, 2011

BWP(24): Social Roles

Time travel often makes it difficult for one to appreciate the differences that existed in the period we wish to explore. Understanding these differences will help in grasping our ancestor's lives and the forces which surrounded them.

Male social roles were a significant part of the lives of many during the English migration period 1600-1700. [Here English means all those on the great islands.] The figure to the right is drawn to represent the male social system active during this period. Age is shown on the left column, and social "rank" is shown across the top. It made a difference in expectations for those of different social environments. It represents the time frame from birth to adulthood, generally completed between the ages of 21-27 years.

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Remember that you can click on the figure to enlarge it. It was taken from my research notes used to break down one of the many brick walls surrounding the surname JONES.

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