Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Where To Look

Resources that aid genealogical research are everywhere.   Readings, references, and resources are to be part of the hunt, and can provide the tools for those brick walls.   For the surname JONES, the following is a wonderful resource for getting help in times of need.

Started by Mrs. Darla M. Jones, [Pialto, CA], in 1973, it consists of 19 volumes of reprints from this magazine.  Published quarterly, until 1992, it provides all sorts of information for the JONES surname.  Information from all states are contained.  Genealogist from all around provided their contributions to this newsletter.  The volumes are indexed. (Which helps a lot.)  There is no cumulative index, which means you have to examine each volume one by one.

Volume 19 ends 1991-1992.  The genealogical information for the JONES surname is contained within.  Where to look, a place it is.

[Note: All genealogical information needs confirmation and I have found some errors.  A complete set is located at the Joseph Wheeler Jones Memorial Library, Danville, KY.]

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