Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Genealogy Bed And Breakfast

"We close in 5 minuets"...was often heard when I had just gotten everything lined up and ready to go.  "What ... you've got to be kidding me..." would flash through my head.  "I can't leave now...I've only just begun...", but what was a fellow to do?  I may never be able to come this way again, and I have just found what I needed.   How can one keep this from happening...over...and over...and over again.     A genealogy Bed & Breakfast was my answer.  You can come....research all night if needed...and keep going until you've climbed all the branches.   Wow, how does one go about setting up a Bed & Breakfast for the genealogist?

 Some ten years in the making, a Bed & Breakfast dedicated to the JONES surname exist.  It is called "The Golden Lion", named after my families' coat of arms.  It contains my personal research library on the JONES surname [some 52 years of research], a Jones Surname Museum, and all the time that is needed to break down some of those brick walls so common to the surname JONES.  A picture of the B&B is shown, along with information on how to contact us.  A "genealogy" Bed & Breakfast...who would have guessed.

Come...stay a while...we are not closing in five minutes.


  1. A great way to share your passions! It looks beautiful.

  2. Helps keep those genealogy juices flowing. House on the National Register of Historic Places, 1st deed 1842.

  3. Now that's my kind of Bed and Breakfast!!

  4. That is awesome. Wish some of my surnames had one...