Friday, February 3, 2012

"Blog - O - Rama"

Several folks have written thanking me for "The Brick Wall Protocol". Genealogy for generations has been a personal motto. For those who have written, you are welcome.

I wanted to pass on to fellow time travelers other blogs and sites that I have been writing. You may or may not find them helpful, but they are centered around my 50 plus years of genealogy. My name is Jerry Jones, and the following sites have been written since July 2010: - intended to give my genealogy travels from age 9 years old. - intended to give comments and titles to daily posts. - intended to concentrate on the history and origin of the surname JONES. - intended to help those think outside the box. - intended to help the genealogist understand DNA. - intended to help those with Welsh background. - an example of genealogy on My Heart's Blood.

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It is my hope that these blogs and sites will help the next generation of tree climbers. Remember, we are the chosen.

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