Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yearly Income per Head 1688 England (Part 2)

The last post of December 31 presented the yearly income for the "head of household" for those socially defined in 1688 England. It starts with "Beggars" at 2 pounds sterling. This post continues with the listing "Lesser Clergy-men":

Lesser Clergy-men 10
Eminent Clergy-men 12
Persons in Law 22
Lesser Merchants and Traders by Sea 33
Eminent Merchants and Traders by Sea 50
Persons in lesser Offices 20
Persons in greater Offices 30
Gentlemen 35
Esquires 45
Knights 50
Baronets 55
Spiritual Lords 65
Temporal Lords 80

Which would you choose? A social class it is.

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